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EOS Itself Started in a Workshop.
With a Vision. 

Our founder Dr. Hans J. Langer's vision was, that additive manufacturing would – at some point in the future – be an elementary cornerstone of the manufacturing world. Thirty years later, we can look back on a success story that would not have been possible without innovative lateral thinkers, inventors and strong partners. That’s why we strive to continue building collaborative partnerships within our global network today, for your ideas and business models. We are looking for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to shape the future of additive manufacturing together with us.

For Start-Ups

We Support Innovative Ideas New Opportunities Through Partnerships With EOS

Do you have your own start-up?
We are opening our doors to global customers in 3D printing.

EOS is the ideal partner to scale the solutions of your start-up and seize new opportunities in the world of additive manufacturing. For start-ups, EOS and its ecosystem offer a unique landscape to further develop the technologies of the future together, test them in real industrial environments and transfer them into the AM market.


Connecting IdeasWe combine the speed and flexibility of a start-up with the know-how, global network and infrastructure of a more mature company.


Networking PeopleOur employees support your start-up with unique expert knowledge in additive manufacturing.


Generate BusinessWith the world’s largest base of installed machines, we enable access to the global market for additive manufacturing.

Who are we looking for? We support young companies and teams offering a pioneering product, material or service-related solution that answers one of the additive manufacturing challenges of the future.

Do you have an idea?Get in touch!
Send us an e-mail that describes your idea.

For Entrepreneurs and Inventors

Whether you are a private individual or an inventor; or if you “just” have an idea, a finished and patented product or something in between, we’re excited to hear about it. We will treat your vision with confidentiality and respect in accordance with our corporate mission statement, and you’ll be suitably rewarded if it is implemented.

What kind of ideas can you submit?
We focus on topics throughout the entire additive manufacturing process chain: from data preparation, machine set-up and the build process itself, including process control, to decommissioning and post-processing of parts. In these areas, we are interested in new technologies and new application opportunities, but we’re also looking for potential improvements to existing products.

Think your idea might be a good fit? If so, we look forward to hearing from you.

How can you submit an idea?
Tell us your idea.

We will treat your message confidentially and decide on any internal follow-up measures. Then we will contact you to discuss the next steps together.