The Responsible Manufacturing Vlog

On the Way to Responsible Manufacturing

Let’s introduce our new vlog! Meet Björn and get a sneak peek of what you can expect in the following episodes. We are eager to make Responsible Manufacturing the new normal with our partners and customers. Also, get to know our CEO Marie Langer. She explains how saving resources can help overcome environmental challenges and why 3D printing is the optimal production technology. Get ready and join us on this exciting journey of exploring Responsible Manufacturing!

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Episode 8

Environmental Benefits of 3D Printing for the Manufacturing Industry

Episode 5

Responsible Innovations in 3D Printing

Episode 2

Sustainable Plastics 1 – Use and Reuse of Powder

Episode 7

Boost Factory Automation with Sustainable 3D Printed Grippers 

Episode 4

Sustainable Spare Part Production

Episode 1

Life Cycle Assessment of 3D Printed Eyewear

Episode 6

Carbon Calculation of 3D Printed Parts

Episode 3

Sustainable Plastics 2 – Biobased Powder

Join the Responsible Manufacturing Journey

Today’s environmental and social challenges demand action. We believe that innovation and technology can help create a better world for everyone. The BLUEPRINT for Responsible Manufacturing vlog delivers insights into projects, concepts, and ideas of how to make Responsible Manufacturing the new normal. Meet Björn, our Head of Sustainability, and his interesting guests. He speaks with customers, suppliers, research institutes, NGOs, and colleagues from EOS. Join us on this exciting journey of exploring Responsible Manufacturing!

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