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    Industrial 3D Printers: Integrated Solutions From a Single Source

Find the Ideal Industrial 3D Printer for Your Demands

EOS Industrial 3D printers offer a wide range of technologies and processes. Selecting the most appropriate one for your needs can be tricky.
Additive manufacturing produces 3D objects by depositing material layer by layer. The process of selectively melting the powder material is particularly delicate. EOS is one of the pioneers in industrial 3D printing and has perfected the powder bed method over the past 30 years. 

Our technologies DMLS and SLS guarantee manufacturing results that meet a wide range of industrial requirements for dimensional accuracy, surface quality and stability. Whether metal, plastic or composites, we have the right material and suitable industrial 3D printer for your needs.

Why Choose EOS Industrial 3D Printing?

EOS is the ideal partner for manufacturing companies relying on industrial 3d printers. The components of our modular solution portfolio are perfectly matched and can be combined as needed. They are therefore just as suitable for industrial 3D printing newcomers as they are as a supplement to existing technologies.

We support our customers on their entire journey from their entry into additive manufacturing to a production-ready factory. EOS offers complete solutions from a single source: systems, materials and process parameters complemented by global services and comprehensive consulting offerings. All elements are intelligently coordinated and guarantee reliably high part quality – and thus a decisive competitive advantage for our customers.

We offer not just individual products but integrated solutions, drawing on an extensive, diverse and quality-oriented ecosystem of strong partners.

Optimize Your Additive Manufacturing with Our Intelligent End-to-end Solutions


We offer highly productive 3D printing platforms for the additive manufacturing of plastic and metal parts - from prototypes to series production.


We have more than 30 years of experience in process development. Our sophisticated combination of laser and powder material is absolutely unique in the world of additive manufacturing.


We emphasize comprehensive partners and consulting, from application design and data generation to part design and post-processing. Our global network provides experienced and competent experts for every step of the process.


We realize more flexible and efficient production processes through the full integration of industrial 3D printing. This enables us to develop comprehensive manufacturing solutions for the entire industrial value chain, including Industry 4.0.

EOS end to end solutions portfolio

We Have the Right Material for Your Application

Materials play a decisive role in manufacturing quality. We have a comprehensive portfolio of advanced plastic and metal materials for industrial 3D printing and ensure consistent quality for every batch of powder with multi-dimensional quality management. We offer a wide range of materials with different properties and certifications. This allows you to realize the targeted property profiles of your products in the best possible way.

Efficiency Booster: Digital Integration

EOS systems are designed for automation and (software) integration into existing and future production environments. We deliver 3D printing solutions for digital industrial production and focus on increasing productivity and reducing unit costs. In addition to industrial quality, EOS systems also offer data, powder and part flows that can be integrated into existing production systems.

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