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    EOS 3D Printing Metal Powder

    Case Hardening Steel for 3D Printing

EOS Case Hardening Steel Powders for 3D Printing

The material characteristics of case hardening steel makes it ideal for many applications in automotive and general engineering as well as gears and spare parts.

The case hardening steel family encompasses 20MnCr5 which is designed and tested for use with EOS metal systems. 

EOS CaseHardeningSteel 20MnCr5 material is shipped with a material test report (according to EN 10204, Type 2.2) showing the results of the QA testing with regard to the chemical properties and particle size distribution.

EOS also offers three processes for this material each with the optimal combination of parameters (e.g. laser power, layer thickness, etc.) at different build speeds.

EOS Case Hardening Steel 20MnCr5

This case hardening steel has good hardenability and reaches good wear resistance due to its high surface hardness after heat treatment.

Typical Part Properties

Chemical composition in compliance with 1.7147
Ultimate Tensile Strength 1250 MPa
Yield Strength 900 MPa
Elongation @ Break 10 %

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