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Polymer 3D Printing: The EOS SLS Process

Are you looking for a compact plastic 3D printer for a quick and cost-efficient start? Or do you need a modular and digitally networked 3D printing platform for industrial series production?  EOS offers you 3D printers for plastic parts perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

At EOS, we can draw on the experience of more than 30 years of additive manufacturing. During this time, we have perfected the Laser Powder Bed Fusion technique and worked out the ideal interaction between 3D printing systems, materials and processes. Our SLS technology stands for manufacturing results that meet a wide range of industrial requirements for dimensional accuracy, surface quality and stability. Take a look at our portfolio of plastic 3D printers and find the perfect match for your application.

EOS' plastic 3D printers use SLS technology. In Selective Laser Sintering, a laser melts polymer powder and fuses it into a solid 3D printed part. First, a CAD model is created and virtually cut into fine layers. Using this data, the laser beam melts the plastic powder at exactly the specified locations in the powder bed. A new layer of powder is applied and again fused with the underlying layer by laser. In this way, the component is created layer by layer. The SLS process neither requires agents or binders nor tools and is therefore very efficient, flexible and cost-effective.

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Your EOS 3D Printer for Plastics: Find the Right Build Volume

EOS offers you flexible and highly productive SLS 3D printing solutions for series production: from user-friendly compact printers to bigger versions for large parts and ultra-fast systems for particularly efficient production.

Additive Manufacturing Systems for Small Build Volumes or Delicate Parts

Additive Manufacturing Systems for Medium to Large Build Volumes

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Find the Perfect Polymer Material for Your AM Project

Manufacturing quality depends significantly on the materials used. We have a broad portfolio of advanced polymer materials with different properties and ensure consistent quality for every batch of powder with effective quality management. The most commonly used material is nylon (polyamide), but EOS offers the full range of polyamides (PA), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) up to polyaryletherketones (PAEK).

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