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    EOS Data Insights

Comprehensive integration and connectivity for additive manufacturing — available as a flexible subscription

The EOS Data Insights Plan assists business users of additive manufacturing technologies in optimizing their machine fleet by connecting machines and offering powerful data analysis applications. This versatile tool is available as a subscription that can run on-premises or as a cloud-based service. It empowers organizations to effortlessly monitor their machines in real time, identify potential issues before they occur and make data-driven decisions to enhance machine performance.

EOS Data Insights Apps

Machine State
Introducing the Machine State App - your go-to tool for monitoring and controlling your machines. With a comprehensive dashboard, the app provides real-time insights on the status of your machines — reporting on all system messages — and provides graphs of the sensor data for quick error analysis.

In addition to monitoring, the Machine State App offers remote control capabilities, allowing you to stop or pause a build job from anywhere using your mobile device. The app also provides information on the current material in use and print progress, giving you complete transparency into your equipment's performance.

The Machine State App is an innovative cloud-based solution that provides access to all of your equipment information in one place, from any device. It's designed to increase your equipment's efficiency and productivity while reducing downtime, helping you to maximize your profits.

If you're looking for a reliable tool to optimize your equipment utilization, the Machine State App is the perfect solution.

Machine Performance
The Machine Performance App is focused on monitoring the utilization and uptime of machines, empowering park managers to optimize the performance of their assets and identify areas where efficiency can be improved. By providing a comprehensive view of machine utilization and availability across an entire park, the Machine Performance App allows users to make data-driven decisions that can drive operational efficiencies and strengthen overall performance.

Machine Condition*
The Machine Condition App is a powerful tool offered as part of the Data Insights Plan. This app is designed to give workers and production managers a quick overview of a machine's condition with just a few clicks, allowing them to determine whether the machine is production-ready or if there are any issues that must be addressed.

Machine Condition is a valuable tool for machine park managers seeking to optimize equipment performance and reduce downtime. By ensuring that machines are operating at peak levels and proactively addressing maintenance needs, park managers can extend the life span of their equipment and improve overall operational efficiency.

*coming soon, only available via Data Insights as SaaS

EOS Hub: The Big-Picture View

The EOS Hub platform is a critical asset within the EOS Data Insight Plan. Through its open API, other software types (MES, CAQ, ERP, IIoT and digital marketplaces) can easily integrate with EOS machine data via a single interface endpoint.

Through the open API connectivity of EOS Hub, EOS Data Insights allows additive manufacturing users to create a true single source of truth: one that monitors 3D printing hardware and software performance while allowing a big-picture view of those operations within the facility or organization's larger context.

Subscription-Based Flexibility

After one year, if your organization opts out of its subscription, you will still be able to use EOS Hub on-premises and use the Machine State App. The Performance and Condition Apps will not be available to inactive users.


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