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    An EOS Network

    The EOS Ecosystem
    Joint Expertise in Additive Manufacturing 

    A Multi-Layered Network of EOS Affiliates and Partners

The EOS Ecosystem is a multi-layered network of EOS affiliates and partners. These partners include external partner companies and a multitude of promising start-ups in which AM Ventures (AMV) – a sister company of the EOS GROUP – has invested.


This cooperation pools resources and expertise to enable the implementation of customer-specific manufacturing solutions along the entire value chain – from the initial idea, over design and construction, right through to production and post-processing and, ultimately, the finished component.


The EOS GROUP comprises EOS GmbH and the companies AMCM, AM Metals, M4P, ALM, and KVS. These companies are focused on the development and manufacturing of industry and application-specific as well as customized solutions along the entire AM process chain.


EOS GmbH is the world's leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers. Founded in 1989, the independent company is a pioneer and innovator in the additive manufacturing sector. When it comes to understanding the interaction between laser and powder materials, EOS is unrivalled in its field and offers all key elements from a single source. Systems, materials and process parameters are intelligently designed to work together to ensure the highest possible component quality.


M4P (Metal for Printing) is a material supplier and developer and offers a broad spectrum of metal powders. This includes standard materials and newly developed customer and application-specific powders, created by mixing, sieving, alloying and recycling.


KVS (Kunststoff Vertrieb Dr. Schiffers) is the world's largest factory for thermoplastic AM materials and delivers fine powders for coating surfaces that find wide application in various sintering and coating processes. 

Additive Minds

EOS Additive Minds is the EOS consulting division which specializes in the transformation to industrial 3D printing, helping to exploit the full potential of the technology faster. Additive Minds helps customers acquire the necessary expertise and guides them in identifying and developing suitable applications and in establishing an AM-based production, thus enabling them to fully leverage the benefits of this future-oriented technology and streamline production. 


AM Metals

AM Metals (Additive Manufacturing Metals) develops new applications for the metal manufacturing process and offers customers from a wide range of sectors consulting services on design, engineering, post-processing and prototype construction. 


AMCM (Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines) offers customized AM solutions and modified and enhanced EOS systems tailored to customer requirements – from new lasers to adapted heating concepts and modified build volumes.

AMCM also builds completely new systems designed specifically to meet customer requirements.



ALM (Advanced Laser Materials) has a research and service laboratory and specializes in the development and manufacture of tailored, custom-made high performance polymer mixtures for additive manufacturing.

External Partners

By forging alliances with external partners, EOS aims to implement joint go-to-market strategies, offer EOS customers end-to-end solutions and raise awareness of the possibilities that additive manufacturing offers the world of industrial manufacturing.

Their cooperation focusses on five key areas:

  • Design and application development
  • Software and digitization (e.g. new business models and platforms)
  • Material development and marketing (e.g. precious metals)
  • Post-processing (e.g. support structures, heat treatment)
  • Industrialization (e.g. automation, connectivity)


Aidro Hydraulics & 3D Printing specializes in the design and production of components, such as valves, hydraulic manifolds, heat exchangers, and fluid power systems and provides design and re-design of components, metal 3D printing with EOS machines, post-processing and testing. 

Premium Aerotec

EOS has joined forces with Premium Aerotec to develop a complete AM manufacturing cell able to produce aluminum components for the automotive and aerospace industry. The pilot unit comprises a range of machines for additive manufacturing, post-processing and quality assurance. The innovation of the process chain is the integration of the additive manufacturing production process in an automated production line, thus successfully combining AM technology and conventional process steps.

Extrude Hone

The partnership with Extrude Hone is geared towards the post-processing of metal parts, with particular focus on the optimized removal of support structures using TEM (Thermal Energy Method) and finishing processes using AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining).


Autodesk and EOS collaborate within the framework of a marketing agreement which, among other things, aims to integrate EOS software components in the products, services and platforms of Autodesk.



The two companies have jointly developed a new process with high productivity for laser metal 3D printing, which has dramatically reduced production time and overall costs.

The combination of GKN's innovative metal powder, EOS StainlessSteel 316L VPro and the unique expertise of EOS in the field of process and additive manufacturing has enabled high-performance and scalable component production. 


The cooperation with Siemens covers software, automation, drive technology and implementation of industrial 3D printing: Siemens control and drive components are an integral part of the EOS M 300 series and the P 500 series for metal and polymer additive manufacturing. The EOS job and process management software EOSPRINT 2 can also now be integrated in the AM module of Siemens NX12.


Industrial Additive Manufacturing Software - Design, prepare, schedule, manufacture and track with additive manufacturing software from Oqton.


Dunlee is a leading supplier of 3D printed tungsten parts and is ISO 13485 certified for development and production.

Since 2012, Dunlee has been working with EOS to develop the very sophisticated anti-scatter grids application made of tungsten - and that up to series production. Dunlee is preferred partner for the production of tungsten ASGs and other tungsten components in medical technology.


Materialise's role as EOS partner is software development for enabling and optimizing the advanced use of industrial 3D printing. This ranges from STL file creation and the preparation of building jobs, through to design optimization or even reverse engineering.