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    EOS Build and
    EOS Build+ Plans

All job and parameter optimization of EOSPRINT with ready-to-use EOS Material Sets - and more - now available as subscription model for efficiency and flexibility in additive manufacturing

EOS Build and EOS Build+ offer a new approach to the industry-leading job and process optimization EOSPRINT software with ready-to-use EOS Material Sets, via two new subscription plans.

All EOSPRINT features to optimize build jobs and the process parameters make it a go-to solution for metal additive manufacturing (AM) are now available in the EOS Build and Build+ Plans.

The included high-quality "EOS Material Sets" for all standard materials are designed to deliver excellent results in the first run, saving time and money.

EOS Build

With the EOS Build Plan, licenses for 3 users per production site are included, to assign and optimize process parameters for EOS metal AM systems. Focus on whichever factors are most important for the unique needs of each application — build speed, surface quality and any other critical considerations. Our Parameter Editor allows you to adjust the process parameters accordingly.

Achieve consistent results and reduce the risk of failed prints with our proven high-quality "EOS Material Sets" for all standard materials. The EOS Material Sets are designed to deliver excellent results in the first run, saving you time and money.

The cloud service “Material Set Management” allows you to manage your assets across the organization to make sure you always print with the correct parameters.

Training is part of the EOS Build Plan, which will help you to enhance your EOSPRINT and additive manufacturing skills.

Key features

  • 3 licenses for EOSPRINT (per production site)
  • Regular software updates with innovative features that keep you up to date
  • Parameter editing capabilities allow customers to optimize parameters to create high-quality parts and increase productivity (e.g., laser power, scan speed, hatch distance, laser assignment, minimum exposure time, layer thickness, load balancing for the EOS M 300 and more)
  • Proven, high-quality EOS Material Sets for the M 290, M 300-4, M 400 and M 400-4 
  • Material Set Management to track and manage material sets across your organization, ensuring builds remain within correct parameters
  • AM and EOSPRINT training access (for up to 5 users)

EOS Build+

The advantages of EOS Build are just the tip of the iceberg with Build+. In addition to expanding EOSPRINT licenses to 10 total users, Build+ includes:

  • EOS high-productivity Advanced Material Sets such as IN718 HighPro, Haynes282 and SuperDuplex; all designed for optimized performance in the first run to save time and money
  • Advanced exposure algorithms including Pulsed Wave Emission and Laser Centered Dependent Exposure Strategy (LCDS), to achieve precise and consistent results
  • Advanced previewing and visualization capabilities
  • EOSPRINT Parameter Editor training (for up to 5 users), delivering the skills and expertise necessary to optimize process parameters and increase productivity without sacrificing quality
  • EOSPRINT Software Development Kit (SDK) for automation purposes

Why Subscriptions?

EOS Build and Build+ Plans are designed to make the metal additive manufacturing data preparation as efficient as possible — for new AM adopters and established users alike. 

Shift costs from CAPEX to OPEX
The subscription model of EOS Build and Build+ frees customers from the rigidity of a "perpetual," prepaid-license purchase structure requiring a high upfront investment. Users pay a fixed subscription fee, which allows easier budgeting due to its predictability. It also shifts this cost from a capital expense (CAPEX) to an operating expense (OPEX). 

Latest innovations
Meanwhile, regular updates to the software keep its functionality at the leading edge and facilitate AM innovation. Additionally, the support and training resources included with EOS Build/Build+ ensure that your engineers can always build — or expand — their AM knowledge.

Flat rate with predictable costs
The EOS Build and Build+ Plans provide customers with flexible access to all available EOS Material Sets, without the need to commit to a single material and associated costs. This Material Sets flat rate empowers customers to quickly adapt to changing market requirements, without incurring additional investments. This not only saves money but also enhances predictability of future costs.

Flexibility to meet your business needs
If your production requirements expand after one year of an EOS Build subscription, upgrade to EOS Build+. Conversely, if costs require you to downsize, or you realize you can manufacture all essential parts with a single material, scale down to an inactive EOS Build/Build+ subscription after the first year. You'll retain access to that single material and one EOSPRINT license. 


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