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Refractory Metals for 3D Printing of Tungsten

The refractory materials family of powders encompasses EOS Tungsten W1, a pure tungsten alloy, which is designed and tested for use on EOS’ metal systems.

Parts manufactured using EOS Tungsten W1 are to be used in thin walled X-ray guidance structures. These anti-scatter grids can be found in imaging devices used in medical – both human and veterinary – as well as other industries

All EOS refractory powders are shipped with an inspection certificate (according to EN 10204, Type 3.1) showing the results of the extensive QA testing not only of the powder itself, but also of test parts built on a dedicated system with a dedicated process.

EOS also offers a wide range of validated titanium processes for each of the above materials. These offer the optimal combination of parameters (e.g. laser power, layer thickness, etc.) in order to ensure that the properties of the 3D printed part are consistently achieved.

EOS Tungsten W1

Typical Part Properties

Chemical composition in compliance with Pure tungsten
Min. wall thickness < 140 µm
Position of horizontally oriented walls +30 µm / -30 µm
Part height tolerance vertical +0,35 / -0.15 mm
Part accuracy of solid sections: approx. +/- 20-25 µm
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