• EOS System Suite

Countless additive manufacturing possibilities — in one customizable software package

EOS System Suite helps you streamline your production processes, improve quality and reduce downtime. The software package includes an open API allowing you to easily gather sensor and status data from EOS systems, integrate with MES and other shop-floor IT systems, retrieve job and part quality reports or create custom reports. 

With EOS System Suite, you can retrieve and view live powder bed images to detect and address issues before they become major problems. Software tools within the package also allow you to connect to multiple machines via a browser-based user interface, with dashboards that offer insights regarding system status, utilization and health. Through these features, as well as a tool for managing system maintenance, you can identify and troubleshoot issues more quickly, track job progress, measure performance, prolong machine lifetimes and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

System Suite Highlights

EOS System Suite includes a variety of essential tools to help streamline production and improve production quality.

Every EOS System Suite bundle comes with the SmartService Basic module for essential system maintenance functions, including configuration and database backup, machine connectivity health checks, license management and more. Additionally, all Suite packages for metal systems include the SmartService Leakage Test for added quality assurance, and the Print Domain Machine License is the core for all systems.

Further features include:

  • EOSTATE Quality Reports provide concise and comprehensive reports of the additive manufacturing process. These reports offer PDF reports of quality critical process parameters and messages occurred during a build job. Customers can automate report retrieval via the EOSCONNECT Core platform and view reports for entire jobs and individual parts. The reports also include graphs of the most important process conditions, helping customers optimize their additive manufacturing processes for improved product quality.
  • EOSCONNECT Core provides access to stable and versioned APIs for accessing real-time status and sensor data from EOS machines. The platform offers multiple protocols, including OPC UA, REST-based web APIs and MQTT, allowing for easy integration with shop-floor IT systems like MES. With EOSCONNECT Core, users can remotely monitor and control manufacturing processes, troubleshoot and maintain machines and improve productivity. Meanwhile, depending on the system, Core Control can grant users the ability to start, stop and pause through OPC UA and load or unload exchange frames, though a docking station may be required.

*Feature availability can vary by system and/or may not apply to certain models. Consult an EOS representative for specifics.

Free Add-Ons
These features are included in every EOS System Suite offer.

  • 1-year Data Insights subscription: This add-on provides access to the Data Insights Plan. After that first year, you can opt out and retain certain basic features, or renew to restore full functionality.
  • EOS Hub on-prem with Machine State App: With this add-on, you have access to critical integration and connectivity functions within the foundational EOS Hub platform, as well as the Machine State App for performance oversight into individual machines and remote stop/start/pause capabilities.

Bundle Flexibility

EOS System Suite offers customers access to critical EOS software solutions in a bundle as a prepaid and unlimited purchase.

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