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EOS Technical Services & Support From Getting Started to Sustainable Success With Additive Manufacturing

We always focus on your success. From a certified start in additive manufacturing, to qualified system maintenance and globally available support, to a convenient portal for your questions and concerns - the services offered by our specialists are your best contact point if you want to make your EOS system better. 

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re facing challenges with everyday operations: our technical services focus on achieving maximum success for you. Here, you’ll find our entire service portfolio at a glance.

From the various technical services we have to offer, you’ll find the right service package for you. Our EOS System Care Program is tailored to your specific requirements.
The choice is yours.

Our Portfolio at a Glance  Services Offered for All Steps of Additive Manufacturing

Ramp up Your Production


Preventive Care




Original Spare Parts


“myEOS” Customer Portal for EOS Services

We can accompany you throughout every phase of system commissioning or storage. We can also support your qualification and certification processes with our know-how.
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Professional support: regular inspection, maintenance and calibration of your system by EOS specialists.
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Because time and quality count: our experts are there for you when worst comes to worst, with quick diagnosis and repairs. Also available via remote service.
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Original spare parts by EOS ensure that your system continues to deliver consistently high production quality. Our experts will support you – from identifying the spare parts you need to installation.
We want your investment in additive manufacturing technology to pay off in the long term and to guarantee maximum value retention for your system.
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Your personal access to the EOS service world.
Do you need help with any aspect of your EOS system? Do you want to be able to view the status of your service requests at any time? myEOS is your first port of call for EOS services. You’ll find everything in one place, precisely tailored to your own system park. With myEOS, you can track and manage your service tickets quickly and easily.
Your advantages at a glance:
•Easy reporting of problems, around-the-clock tracking with digital timestamps
•Our experts will contact you when you request a call 
•You’re always kept in the loop: ticket status, communication and expert feedback – all in one place
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Our Complete Service Portfolio at a Glance  
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“Ramp up” Commissioning

Our experienced specialists will support you in every phase of commissioning or system relocation. We will accompany you during installation and integration into your production environment entirely according to your needs.

We offer support with qualification and certification. With specific know-how for production with additive manufacturing, we can help you implement the right quality management processes.

What Are the Benefits for You?


Accompanied factory acceptance test (FAT) at EOS


Installation or relocation of your machines by EOS experts


Installation qualification (IQ) for your EOS systems

“Preventive Care” Optimization and Quality Assurance

Ensure that your production is achieving the optimal output. Our experts will review and assess the key components and assemblies of your EOS system with a special focus on safety and functionality.

Our maintenance management services support value retention and optimize the availability of your system. Regular maintenance with dedicated maintenance records prevents faults and ensures compliance with safety standards.

Regular calibration ensures high process stability for your system and therefore the highest levels of product quality. Our service tools combine software and hardware to guarantee maximum overlapping accuracy, especially with multi-laser systems.

What Are the Benefits for You?


Regular information about your system status


Value retention of your systems thanks to regular maintenance


High quality assurance with calibration services

“Troubleshooting” Personalized Problem-Solving

More than 30 years of expertise in developing machines and processes for additive manufacturing helps us rapidly restore your system performance. We are also constantly investing in further developing our quick root cause analysis methods to make them even more efficient for you.

We can be immediately on-site to fix any faults as quickly as possible. With the largest team of service experts in the additive manufacturing industry, we reduce unplanned system downtime to a minimum. Our myEOS customer portal gives you the opportunity to report service incidents to us 24/7. 

Remote service
Our TUV IT-certified and secure EOS remote service solution gives you access to direct system analysis with a single click. Working over an encrypted VPN connection initiated by you, an EOS service expert can be immediately at your side. Try out the EOS remote service free of charge during your warranty period!

What Are the Benefits for You?


Technical competence, both for services in the field and over the phone


Remote support for rapid assistance


Highly qualified EOS specialists

Service Whitepaper
Guidelines for EOS System Availability and Times 

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