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    EOS Software Subscription Plans

Unlock the full potential of your EOS systems with EOS Plans now available as subscription plans scalable to your exact needs

At EOS, we pride ourselves on offering complete additive manufacturing (AM) solutions: industrial 3D printers equipped with industry-leading technologies, proven processes, consulting services and courses from the award-winning Additive Minds team — and software solutions to oversee multiple aspects of the additive manufacturing process.

With a subscription-based license model, EOS Plans offer a flat rate of validated and ready-to-use processes, including powerful hatching algorithms for first-time-right exposure, as well as an automatic in-situ process control for reduced supports and increased productivity.

Take control of your machine park, offering deep insight into machine-generated data for improved machine utilization.

Introducing EOS Plans:

  • EOS Build and Build+ 
  • EOS Smart Monitoring 
  • EOS Data Insights

Why Subscriptions?

Shift costs from CAPEX to OPEX
The subscription model of EOS Plans frees customers from the rigidity of a "perpetual," prepaid-license purchase structure requiring a high upfront investment. Users pay a fixed subscription fee, which allows easier budgeting due to its predictability. It also shifts this cost from a capital expense (CAPEX) to an operating expense (OPEX). 

Latest innovations
Meanwhile, regular updates to the software keep its functionality at the leading edge and facilitate AM innovation. Additionally, the included training resources ensure that your engineers can always build — or expand — their AM knowledge.

Flat rate with predictable costs
EOS Plans provide customers with flexible access to all available EOS Material Sets, without the need to commit to a single material and associated costs. This Material Sets flat rate empowers customers to quickly adapt to changing market requirements, without incurring additional investments. 

Flexibility is the key
The EOS Plans' pay-per-usage model offers exceptional flexibility in tailoring software usage to match your production requirements on a yearly base. This results in a cost-efficient, adaptable, and predictable method of accessing precisely what you need.

EOS Build/Build+ and EOS Data Insights require only a one-year commitment to enjoy their various advantages, while EOS Smart Monitoring has a two-year minimum. After the initial period passes, customers can renew or switch to "inactive" mode if they need to scale down. Some core functions of each plan will still be available to inactive customers, who can resume whenever they wish.


Software Highlights

EOS Build/Build+
Available per facility, EOS Build delivers the key features of EOSPRINT (and, especially in Build+, some key enhancements) as a subscription. Multiple users (up to 3 in Build or 10 in Build+) can optimize process parameters and manage material usage with greater latitude than ever before. The EOS Build and Build+ Plans provide customers with flexible flat rate access to all available EOS Material Sets. The Build+ tier, in addition to more licenses, includes advanced EOS Material Sets and exposure algorithms, and both versions offer critical training for up to 5 users.

EOS Smart Monitoring*
EOS Smart Monitoring uses Exposure OT to make build monitoring and analysis more thorough and cost-effective — but doubles down on the cutting edge with Smart Fusion. This automated power adjustment tool operates in close conjunction with EOS Build/Build+ to ensure heat never exceeds standards established in the parameter set.

EOS Data Insights
Data Insights offers unparalleled insights into machine performance — either individually or as a whole park of devices. As a web-based subscription platform, it's available on-premises or via the cloud, with a UI optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

*requires an active Build/Build+ subscription

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