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    EOS Sustainability

    Reuse of Powder Used for Additive Manufacturing

Join initiative today! Help to protect the environment and show social commitment.

In cooperation with a long-term partner, EOS has created a closed loop return program for the reuse of used plastic materials.

Used powder, which is of insufficient quality for 3D printing, is however well suited for other applications. Once processed, the collected material becomes a valuable raw material again for various products.
Our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can participate in this program. The collection of the sorted used powder is organized and carried out by our partner company. EOS acts as an intermediary and takes over the transport costs. This means that you, the customer, do not incur any additional expenses. The payment for the used powder is used for selected social projects.

What we have already achieved together!

Since the start of the program to reuse material, over 150 tons of used powder have been given a new life cycle.

Many people in need have been supported from the proceeds. At the beginning of 2023, for example, EOS was able to donate to four different organizations:

We would like to thank all participants who made this possible through their participation in our program!