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    EOS Contract Manufacturing Network
    The easy way to get parts

The easiest way to get 3D printed EOS quality parts in EMEA

Are you searching for a trusted additive manufacturing partner to produce parts, rather than manufacturing in-house? Then our Contract Manufacturing network can help. From rapid prototyping up to small series volumes of 1,000 parts, our network connects you with leading AM production partners who can deliver high-quality parts in a fast and reliable way without the worry of manufacturing yourself. We start in EMEA with seven established partners using latest EOS 3D printing technology. 

Your benefits of working with our network at a glance:

  • Experienced and evaluated partners
  • Latest generation of EOS technology
  • Secure industrial grade quality standards


“We want our customers to be successful. When outsourcing their AM production to a partner from the Contract Manufacturing Network, small series customers will get the same EOS quality and industry expertise all our customers are used to.” Markus Glasser, Senior Vice President EMEA.


How to engage with our network? 

Contact us directly and get referred to one of our trusted
Contract Manufacturing Network partners.

Join the EOS platform on MakerVerse - the on-demand platform
for industrial grade 3D printed parts and our fulfillment partner.  

Partner Overview

Erpro Group

Since 1997, Erpro Group has been assisting start-ups and companies in the design, development and manufacture of their products through a complete offer based on production (3D printing, moulding, plastic injection, machining, post-processing) and services (engineering, design, training, advice and distribution of 3D printers). The group proposes a varied offer for all sectors of activity. 


Oerlikon is a global innovation powerhouse for surface engineering, polymer processing and additive manufacturing. Its solutions, comprehensive services and advanced materials improve and maximize the performance, function, design and sustainability of customers’ products and manufacturing processes in key industries. Headquartered in Switzerland, Oerlikon has 12 000 employees in 37 countries.


Located in the Bresle Valley, MMB VOLUM-e is a major player in the field of metal and polymer additive manufacturing. The company benefits from 50 years of experience in the design of exceptional parts in the following fields: luxury, pharmaceuticals, mobility, aeronautics, space, defense, energy and all innovation equipment. Sharing its expertise and resources guarantees its customers optimal reactivity and adaptability to support at every stage of their projects.


FORMRISE is a leading German company with 25+ years of experience in "3D printing".
We provide independent consulting, design, and industrial manufacturing with finishing and assembly.
With our latest facilities, you also benefit from our expertise in the B2C segment, including eyewear.
We guide you from concept to mass production, offering the perfect solution through our technology openness.


100% Additive Manufacturing. FKM has been a service provider for 3D printing since 1994, focusing on selective laser sintering (SLS) for plastics and selective laser melting (SLM) for metal. On 44 industrial 3D printers, we offer a broad material portfolio for the production of functional prototypes, spare parts and series. Numerous up- and downstream services round off our portfolio for functional AM components.


Pankl Racing Systems AG develops and manufactures high-tech-components for the racing-, high performance- and aerospace industry. The company is not only manufacturing various high-tech-products but also researching on new materials and innovative manufacturing methods. With additive manufacturing, Pankl offers new high performance lightweight solutions without almost any design limitations.

Materials Solutions

Fast, efficient, flexible: AM makes the difference.
Materials Solutions is a subsidiary of Siemens Energy with over a decade of experience as a lead industrial user of AM. With our vast experiencee, we have enabled moving ‘3D printing’ out of the laboratory and onto the factory floor. We solve complex printing engineering challenges with a strong focus on functional high-end prototypes and serial production applications for customers across many leading industries.


PROTIQ GmbH is the AM competence of the Phoenix Contact Group and a service provider for the additive manufacturing of high-quality components made of metal and plastic. In addition to PROTIQ itself, a large number of highly qualified manufacturing service providers gather on its online platform, the PROTIQ Marketplace, offering customers a wide selection, diverse expertise and the highest quality in one place.

Hasenauer & Hesser

Hasenauer & Hesser is one of the leading service providers for manufacturing of high‐quality AM
components made of plastic. Our main focus is on the production of functional and serial parts in
large quantities as well as high‐quality prototypes. Further services include AM consulting, designing,
also of entire assemblies, finishing of AM components, as well as product assembly and logistics.


With Materialise Manufacturing, you get access to an extensive range of additive manufacturing solutions and knowledge to create the high-quality parts you need, on time and to your specifications. Whether you’re a start-up or enterprise company, we’ll go from concept to finished part with a time-proven process you can trust.

Cirp GmbH

Based in Heimsheim, Baden-Württemberg, is a leading service provider for prototype and small series production. Its focus is on research, development, additive manufacturing, model and mold making, and rapid tooling. From design to series production, cirp supports its customers. With almost 30 years of experience from industrial orders and research projects, cirp offers complete solutions from concept to finished product as a project partner.

Ecoparts AG

ECOPARTS is a 3D printing, respectively Additive Manufacturing (AM) pioneer of the first hour. With over 16 years of experience (founded in 2006) in the additive manufacturing of metal, ECOPARTS provides the basis for new, innovative products as a service provider/contract manufacturer to European industry.

MakerVerse Partnerhub Leading on-demand production platform

We partner with MakerVerse, the leading on-demand platform for industrial grade 3D printed parts as our fulfillment partner. MakerVerse partnerhub offers instant quotations for your CADs and allow you to compare the printability of various materials and technologies. To meet your high industrial-grade quality standards, all EOS Contract Manufacturing partners have been carefully selected and are subject to regular assessments. Your parts are exclusively printed by one of our partners on EOS printers. After production, all parts are inspected and are shipped to the final destination at competitive lead times by MakerVerse as fulfillment partner. 

Three simple steps to achieving quality parts

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