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    Our Values
    Fairness, Responsibility, Togetherness and Excellence

We Are Excited About Innovation  One Thing Unites Us: Our Passion for Outstanding Technology

As a provider of a technology that plays a key role in technical progress, we want to make the world a little better and contribute to continually improving people’s lives. This is both our aspiration and our objective.

Responsible business is founded on three pillars:

  •  Robust and sustainable finances
  •  A product range with clearly defined social benefits 
  •  Strongly value-oriented management, employees and business partners
At EOS, we think and act according to our values. They are the cornerstones of our corporate culture: fairness, responsibility, togetherness and excellence.

Our EOS Values

Try to improve continuously and do not hold on the status quo or on the past.

adapted from Karl Popper

Treat me like you would like to be treated by others.

adapted from Immanuel Kant

A little knowledge in action is worth so much more than a lot of knowledge which remains passive.

adapted from Khalil Gibran

Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I will remember. Make me part of it, and I will understand.

adapted from Laozi

Foundations for Our Values

Shared values are what makes a company unique, binds it together and forges a corporate identity that spans borders. Values provide clarity and commitment when interacting with one another and improve the quality of communication.

Values also strengthen our relationship with foreign subsidiaries and sales offices, creating a shared foundation and promoting an understanding of cultural differences. They express an appreciation for everyone as individuals and their uniqueness, which we see as an enriching source of innovation.

The EOS values also shape our interactions with customers, suppliers and all other business partners. Customer satisfaction is the most important measure of quality for us and is the essential foundation of our company’s success. That’s why we place our current and future customers at the center of everything we do.