• EOS Webinar

    Metal Materials
    There Is More to It than Just Powder

Everyone talks about machines but what about materials? What about quality assurance of virgin and used powders? Post-processing of 3D printed parts? Steels and corrosion? Materials means not only the powder but also the solid parts. They are a key element to ensure robust and reliable production of additively manufactured parts.

Stainless Steels and Corrosion

Did you ever wonder about corrosion of steels? What to consider when steel parts are produced with AM technology?

If so, then let Antti, our expert on steels, give insights on:

  • Common types of corrosion
  • Corrosion testing examples
  • Corrosion and Additive Manufacturing
  • EOS stainless steels and corrosion

Speaker: Antti Seppälä | Development Manager, Steels

Heat Treatment and HIP Opportunities for 3D Printed Parts

Curious about heat treatment, HIPping and additive manufacturing? Confused by the many different types of heat treatment? Want to learn how HIPping can affect part properties? Then this is the session for you!

Join Jukka and Topi to learn more about

  • AM-specific microstructure and its effect on the response to heat treatment
  • Types of heat treatment and their benefits (aluminium alloys)
  • Effect of HIPping on the microstructure, static and dynamic mechanical properties
  • Novel ideas to improve results of heat treatment &/or HIPping

Speaker: Jukka Simola | Project Manager & Topi Kosonen | R&D Engineer

Demystify Quality of AM Powders

Is the quality of AM powder a mystery to you? Would you like to learn more about the basic powder properties and how they are linked to quality of the printed part?

Then join Visa and Katri who will give you insights into topics such as

  • Powder quality assurance
  • Key characteristics of powders
  • The purpose of powder quality control
  • Change of powder characteristics during use

Speaker: Katri Kakko | Development Manager Titaniums & Visa Luotonen | Product Quality Manager