Get an overview on the latest global trends on plastics and focus areas for #responsiblemanufacturing in 3D printing

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Speakers: Charlotte Herdt, Arkema & Moritz Kügler, EOS

Sustainability Expert | Specialty Polyamides

Charlotte graduated in 2008 from the Ecole Polytechnique and IFP School with a major in chemical engineering applied to petrochemicals, polymers and plastics. She joined Arkema the same year and held positions in process engineering, business and sales development across various departments and joined the High Performance Polymers Business Unit in 2018 as Head of Business Development for Consumer and Industrial Markets in Europe. In 2021 she took the position of Sustainability Expert to support the development of the Advanced Bio-Circular range of materials. She also manages the Virtucycle initiative for the recycling of Arkema High Performance Polymers.

Moritz Kügler, VP BU Polymer Materials at EOS | © Moritz Kügler, VP BU Polymer Materials at EOS Source: EOS
VP Polymer Material

Moritz is a Chemical Engineer who has driven the polymer portfolio Since 2017 as a Product Manager at EOS. Since October 2019 he is responsible for driving the  EOS Material and Processes portfolio on industry needs and the resulting business success.