• Establish Responsible Manufacturing as the New Normal

Responsible manufacturing contributes to less material consumption, less over-production and less waste

Challenges facing the climate and the need for greater sustainability are undeniable. Environmental and social concerns can no longer be mere platitudes expressed and ignored by businesses should they wish to survive and thrive in today’s climate. Action is now expected and demanded in equal measure to reckon with key areas of concern.

For EOS this means putting its long-standing and pioneering technology expertise at the service of leading the world into responsible manufacturing and supporting EOS customers in achieving their own sustainability targets.

3D printed products inherently provide added value when it comes to responsible manufacturing: lightweight designs help to reduce carbon emissions and functional integration and product designs solving complex manufacturing challenges while minimizing waste.

LCA study proves: 3D printed eyewear is 3x more sustainable

Together with our customer YOU MAWO and Fraunhofer EMI we conducted a systemic Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for YOU MAWO eyewear over the entire life cycle. The study concluded that the carbon footprint of a customized, 3D printed YOU MAWO eyewear is around 58% lower compared to conventionally manufactured eyewear. Furthermore, 3D printed eyewear creates 80 percent less waste compared to conventionally manufactured Acetate eyewear and can help to avoid lengthy post processing. In addition, additively manufactured eyewear is lighter, more stable and has a higher wearing comfort.

Responsible Manufacturing Waste Gas Becomes Energy

Sustainable thinking has always been in our company DNA. We have the innovative power and mindset to make a difference. All of this is a team effort, and we invite partners and customers to join us on this journey and support our goal of establishing responsible manufacturing as the new normal.

Marie Langer, CEO of EOS

EOS is a sustainable creator  of tomorrow’s status quo

Our effort is confirmed by EOS being selected to represent the 3D printing industry as part of the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative. It is a response from the international business community demonstrating the desire, the leadership, and the will to take effective action in the fight against climate change.

Application Examples for Establishing Responsible Manufacturing

Daimler EvoBus: Sustainable spare parts management


Liebherr: CO2 saving  with airplane parts


Euro-K: burner
turns waste gases into energy

98_Turbo Machinery_1
Establish a digital and sustainable spare parts management and increase profitability by 3D-printing components for busses
• Decentralized manufacturing eliminates long transport routes
• Manufacturing on demand avoid overproduction
About spare parts management
Spare parts on demand, 3D printing at Daimler Buses on an EOS P 396
Substitute a conventional flight control hydraulic component with a 3D printed which is more sustainable and simultaneously fulfilling all certification requirements for flight

• A 35 % weight reduction per part contribute to reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 and NOX emissions
• Integration of 10 functional elements into the part decrease supply chain complexity and logistics
The Liebherr case study
Additively manufactured Liebherr valve block, built on the EOS M 290: Same performance, 35 percent lighter
98_Turbo Machinery_1
Manufacture a multi-fuel burner to convert gases emitted by waste disposal plants into energy
• Manufacturing on demand avoid overproduction
• Decentralized manufacturing eliminates long transport routes
3D printed burner
Euro-K: Additive manufactured micro burner for the combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels, built on an EOS M 290

The earth is the most valuable resource that we have yet keeping the balance between living well and respecting the natural resources of our planet is challenging. Responsible manufacturing is our approach to contribute to a more sustainable future. Combining financial performance with a positive social and environmental impact through our business is what we are aiming at.

Björn Hannappel, Head of Sustainability for the entire EOS GROUP

Björn Hannappel
Head of Sustainability
EOS Group
Colibri Responsible Manufacturing Source: EOS

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