• 3D Printing Material Management

    Material Management
    for Additive Manufacturing With Plastics

    More Efficient Workflow for Production

Improve the Workflow, Reduce the Costs Flexible and Efficient Conveying and Sieving of Plastics

To meet the diverse requirements of our customers, the three product solutions have different degrees of automation, suitable for small, medium and large volumes of material. They are compatible with all EOS systems for additive manufacturing with plastic, can be flexibly integrated into the production environment and enable the reliable production of parts. Material management unfolds in parallel to the build job, which reduces the set-up time between build orders and therefore increases the overall productivity. The simple mode of operation and high safety levels minimize the risk of powder contact for operators. Sampling for quality assurance purposes is possible at any time.

The EOS product solutions for industrial 3D printing with plastic materials are organized as modules. They can be flexibly adapted and expanded to meet your individual needs. 

Our Material Management Portfolio Tailored Solutions for All Volumes of Material

Cost-Efficient & Easy Manual Solution Specially Designed for Development Environments

This cost-effective manual solution can be operated with multiple machines and is ideally suited to development environments. Changing the material is quick and easy, which means that the solution can be used flexibly with different materials.

Your Advantages




Optimal for small powder amounts


Uncomplicated and quickly ready to use

Semi-Automated and Versatile The Standard Solution IPCM P

The IPCM P is a semi-automated solution for quick and safe powder handling. It offers an attractive price-performance ratio and is ideally suited for being used with several machines. Last but not least: operators have significantly less contact with the powder.

Your Advantages


Modular solution, scalable to multiple systems


Optimal for moderate powder amounts 


Less operator contact with the material

Fully Automatic With a Closed Powder Cycle Automatic Solution IPCM P plus

With the IPCM P plus, you can transport larger amounts of plastic powder. This fully automatic solution ensures consistently high material quality and serves a variety of systems by precisely dosing, processing, homogenizing and conditioning the powder. The closed powder cycle guarantees the traceability of powder batches.

Your Advantages


Material batches can be traced to meet the requirements of quality-sensitive industries


Ideal for additive manufacturing connections with large powder volumes


Modular approach that is easy to expand


Closed cycle: the powder is contained in a protected environment at all times

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