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    Serially Produced Vehicles and Motor Sports

    3D Printing for the Automotive Industry

What Drives Manufacturers in the Automotive Industry

The advent of the automotive age was the very definition of disruption, suddenly, muscle power was no longer the only way to achieve locomotion, it could also be motorized. The automotive revolution happened over a century ago, but today the industry is facing a wave of new possibilities and challenges.

Customer Demands, Cost Pressure & Asymmetric Competition



Series Customizing




Production Process

Customers value sustainability. This includes e-mobility, as well as the desire for more efficient engines and to improve vehicle service life, which is now longer today. Spare parts availability is also high on the agenda.
Williams Martini Racing Frontwing in carbon fiber filled HP 11-30 | © EOS
More and more customers are interested in customization and the objective of series customizing is to facilitate the designing of high-quality details such as decorative interior elements.
Additively manufactured component for the limited series DS 3 Dark Side: the trim strip with extremely fine titanium grids
Cost pressure is rising, and every detail counts. This puts the focus on one of the key partners of the automotive industry – the tooling industry, which needs to leverage potential in terms of part quality, functional integration, production speed and tool stability.
Audi Hotforming Toolinsert, EOS MaragingSteel MS 1, 3D printing, DMLS | © EOS
Competition is expanding. Digitalization and mobility are opening up new business models for newcomers. This makes it all the more important to modernize production processes by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technologies.
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Additive Manufacturing for Vehicle Parts Automotive Production With EOS 3D Printing Solutions

Our projects show how customers from the automotive industry have successfully broken new ground with EOS solutions. Our solution chains for industrial 3D printing allow potential to be leveraged and products to be reimagined where classical technologies could not meet this need. Together with well-known companies from the vehicle manufacturing and motor sports sectors, we tackle a wide variety of challenges with great success for our customers.

We believe EOS displays the maturity and the professionalism which we try to betray ourselves. We are not just a racing team, we are an engineering company. All our products, all our race cars are based on sound engineering decisions and we can see this reflected in EOS.
Richard Brady
Williams Martini Racing
It's been a tremendous project from start to finish, as exciting as it was challenging for our expertise. We are excited to imagine that all these cars are now all over the world. And throughout all of this project, we knew we could count on reliability, quality and support from EOS.
Charles de Forges
Spartacus 3D
Williams Martini Racing Logo
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EOS Projects From Practice Additive Manufacturing for the Series Production of Vehicles

For automotive manufacturers and suppliers, additive manufacturing is more than just rapid prototyping: from spare parts production on demand to series customizing and automated 3D production cells for industrial manufacturing, anything is possible. In this area, 3D printing is especially effective thanks to its combination of flexibility, innovative strength, and cost-efficiency.

An overview of our projects

Heat exchangers for more efficiency, optimized spare parts logistics on demand or the series production of complex parts for various models of automobile: over the past 30 years, we have realized many innovative projects together with well-known automotive manufactures and suppliers.

black SUV Source: Steven Binotto Unsplash
Industrial 3D Printing in Practice

Innovation Stories From the Series Production of Vehicles

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EOS Projects From Practice Additive Manufacturing in Motor Sports

Motor sports have been the cradle of many groundbreaking technological developments, due to the high requirements of innovation and security, additive manufacturing has played a major role in this field. No other manufacturing technology allows you to think this far out of the box, when bringing your ideas to the racetrack.

Successful projects

The motto in motor sports: everything matters. Every gram of weight and every tiny increase in performance is extremely important for the overall system. This for example, is reflected in the design of a battery container with integrated cooling channels by Formula Student and the 3D-printing-based production system at Pankl Racing Systems.

F1 Race Car | © Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash
Additive Manufacturing in Practice

Success Stories of Our Customers in Motor Sports

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