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    3D Printing of Consumer Goods

Make Any Shape Into a Product With Additive Manufacturing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, opens up a whole universe of new possibilities: Users can make any conceivable shape into a real product cost-efficiently, flexibly and quickly with minimal consumption of materials. Additive manufacturing builds objects up layer by layer in a single step. This targeted application of material makes it possible to manufacture products that are both stable and very lightweight.

AM is based on a digital process. This guarantees consistently high quality, ideal scalability and short lead times. Product designers can count on the manufacturing process to make furniture such as lamps or chairs, but also fashion items such as jewelry, handbags or glasses with complex shapes and structures.

Any conceivable form is possible, and new business ideas can be quickly realized. 3D printing enables local on-demand production: You can manufacture your parts exactly where you need them. You can configure a pair of shoes or a watch online, then print them on site. 

Advantages of 3D Printing A Wide Range of Product Variants and Cost-Efficiency

Design Freedom




Development Rhythm





3D printing allows you to achieve maximum design freedom when making complex geometries that cannot be manufactured by conventional processes.
Metal Fountain Pen built in Titanium, 3D printing, EOS | © EOS
With additive manufacturing, custom or anatomically tailored products can be made at no extra cost, creating added value for customers.
HEXR Bicycle Helmet | © EOS
Products and development cycles for consumer goods can be accelerated with additive manufacturing processes.
Complex 3D-printed Structures | © EOS
By avoiding technology and process-related material waste and overproduction, and by using raw materials from renewable sources, additive manufacturing enables you to manufacture sustainable products. 
Hand with Rhomball, 3D printing, EOS | © EOS
Demand-driven production: digitally configured products can be made exactly when they are needed with 3D printing – even at the point of sale.
Individualized shoe soles, 3D printed, EOS

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