Diversity at EOS ALL IN

At EOS we extend the boundaries of manufacturing ingenuity to ensure that future production is less harmful to our planet. We cannot achieve this without breaking boundaries for our people. Diversity is a fact of our world and we are convinced of its power to bring progress and positive change. Inclusivity and equity however are choices and at EOS we commit to them every day. We believe in creating a work environment that is built on empathy, respect and fairness. Where every individual is seen, listened to and empowered to bring in their whole self.

We recognise we still have a lot to learn yet we are committed to shape a new future together. We are ALL IN.

Diversity is Strength


EOS Responsible Manufacturing:
Global Footprint, Multicultural and Diverse Community

As a pioneer of integrated solutions in additive manufacturing (AM), EOS has always been at the forefront of innovation. EOS has mastered the interaction between laser and material, the cooperation of hardware, software and service, and the satisfaction of business-partner and end-customer. We continuously forge the future of 3D printing and digital manufacturing, and thus have a responsibility with our proven polymer and metal technology to contribute to a more sustainable economy and society.

We strive to lead the way -- in technology and in industry, and that means embracing the idea that success means more than providing great products and services.

A Diverse Mindset Leads Us Forward

Success also means environmental responsibility, sustainable business practices, an empowering company culture for all employees, and valuing our community and partnerships. Three dimensions of community thinking help us foster the best future for AM: diversity, equity, inclusion.
Both academic and corporate research supports that having a diverse team leads to better outcomes, financially and professionally. A 2018 McKinsey research study found that socially diverse companies are 33% more likely to financially outperform their less diverse counterparts, with specifically a 21% increase in profitability for companies with diversity at leadership levels.

Diversity of not only knowledge and expertise, but of identity is also shown to drive productivity and innovation. A team composed of individuals embodying a range of identities -- from race, ethnicity, and nationality to sexual orientation and gender presentation to faith, culture, age, and personality to people with disability -- enables a variety of perspectives to flourish. Diversity among the overall population is a clear fact; fostering an equitable and inclusive work environment is a choice, and it is one that we seek to make every day.

We believe in creating a work environment that is built on empathy, respect, and fairness. Where every individual is seen, listened to and empowered to bring in their whole self. We recognise we still have a lot to learn yet we are committed to shape a new future together. We are ALL IN.

Living Our Values

We believe EOS technology has the power to improve people’s lives and understand that that power starts with our own people. We believe actively seeking respectful coexistence and empowering those with different perspectives to share their experience and ideas creates a unique power to broaden our horizons and to creatively solve problems.

At EOS, we want to Expand Our Strengths as we encourage the next era of industrial manufacturing and community development. Our corporate values define the three pillars of our responsible business, but beyond this we have established enduring and deep-rooted values as a company.

At the cornerstone of our corporate culture are fairnessresponsibilitytogetherness, and excellence. These values extend to our interactions across the entire EOS family: company (including all employees and all managers), customers, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, and the public.

After all, we are all individuals, but one thing unites us: our passion for outstanding technology.

Guideposts On Our Journey

Success is not a destination; it is a journey. EOS believes that this journey is better with diverse ideas and people. Diversity is a core value of EOS, and we must continue to leverage, nurture, and embrace our diverse community.

Like our world and ideas, we will constantly learn and evolve. To this end, we have developed guideposts on our path forward:

  • Empowered Together. We strive to value and bring employees from all levels and backgrounds together. We shall establish and maintain a representative advisory council to promote diversity from within and address our employees’ diversity and inclusion concerns.
  • Transparency Throughout. Open, honest communication is non-negotiable, and that transparency will drive EOS’ diversity infrastructure. This shall comprise accountability, goal setting, and measured results.
  • Investment in the Future. EOS shall provide targeted financial support to our local universities and colleges. This support will focus on improving diversity in STEM and AM fields.
  • Identify Quantifiable Goals. We will examine our community and set increasing goals each year for a more diverse internal structure. This will include more representation of women and BIPOC throughout every level of employment, from administration and technologist through managerial and executive.
  • Continuous Learning. We are students of life. We commit to learning from every path taken and every decision made. We are receptive to and actively seeking outside resources in building a sustainable, inclusive company culture.

EOS is committed to our definitions of success, for both customers and our internal structures. We will lead by example and establish a company culture that celebrates the individual and the technological. We will hold ourselves accountable to creating best-in-class integrated solutions with integrated teams.  We remain committed to a comprehensive approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and will review this document every year.  

We are ALL IN on these commitments to our company, to our industry, to our future.