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    Applications and Practical Examples

    3D Printing in the Manufacturing Sector

Best Practices for 3D Printing in Production Environments

Cost pressure, regulatory requirements, increasing demands from customers, and much more. Companies in production and industry face a constantly expanding collection of challenges. At the same time, issues such as energy and resource efficiency are becoming increasingly important.

Additive manufacturing offers a broad spectrum of potential cost-efficient and sustainable advantages to companies in production and industry.

Industrial 3D printing opens new opportunities and provides solutions in many different ways, from part production to optimizing return on investment. At EOS, we offer custom solutions from a single source for technology and everything else you need for a safe and rapid transition. 

Applications for the Electronics Industry 3D Printing of Heat Exchangers and Housings

Heat exchangers, housings, communication parts, drones, three-dimensional circuit boards and inductors – the diversity of possible applications that can be produced with additive manufacturing spans the entire electronics industry. For example, heat exchangers can be 3D-printed from high-quality thermally conductive alloys combining various advantageous properties such as flexible design, optimized heat transport properties and reduced size. When making plastic housings, 3D printing technology stands out for its cost efficiency, design freedom and functional integration potential.  

tailor-made microflow reactor for difluoromethylation of a lithiated nitrile with fluoroform as a major component | © Anton Paar

Applications for the Electronics Industry

applications and practical examples

Grippers and Automation Technology Additive Manufacturing for Gripping Systems

Automation is moving forward, and all types of production and intralogistics processes are becoming increasingly networked thanks to digitalization. Automation, robotics and gripping systems play a key role in this. With additive manufacturing, our customers can successfully integrate functionality directly into their parts for stable and lightweight components that can reliably withstand millions of work cycles. In addition, if the transported product changes, the design of the gripping system can quickly be adapted using CAD data, even if it’s complex. This reduces the time-to-market considerably. 

ASS Maschinenbau Gripper built in PA 2200 in action | © EOS

Automation and Gripping Systems

applications and practical examples

Tooling and Mold-Making Greater Flexibility and Efficiency With 3D Printing

Manufacturing specialized tools and parts is one of the most complex challenges the manufacturing sector faces. Conventional production methods often limit possibilities and are comparatively expensive. While 3D printing offers a more flexible solution. Highly complex structures can be made “in a single print”, cooling channels can be integrated directly into a part, material usage is significantly reduced and our customers benefit from shorter production times. Find out more on this page about what our tooling and mold-making solutions have accomplished for our customers.

Audi Hotforming Toolinsert, EOS MaragingSteel MS 1, 3D printing, DMLS | © EOS Source: Audi | EOS

3D Printing for Turbomachinery Parts & Turbines Additive Manufacturing for the Energy Sector 

Blades, fuel injectors, burners and combustion chambers, cladding, seals and housings: when manufacturing parts for the energy sector, functional integration and heat resistance are the decisive factors of longevity and process selection. For these factors, industrial 3D printing opens up opportunities beyond the reach of conventional manufacturing processes. The applications range from 3D-printed turbine blades to innovative repair solutions. Find out more on this page about how we’ve broken new ground in turbomachinery together with our customers.

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Turbines and Turbomachinery

applications and practical examples

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